My Nametags wins Best SME at the Wandsworth Business Awards!

My Nametags wins Best SME at the Wandsworth Business Awards!

Last night at a swanky awards ceremony in Roehampton My Nametags was awarded 1st prize in the best SME (Small Medium Enterprise) category!!

We are delighted with the result as we were up against some strong competition from a number of other businesses in the area.

The Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce, who ran the event, were looking for a SME which has achieved sustained business and financial growth, had a clear vision for future business development, with a focus on innovation. We are over the moon that we fulfilled their criteria and look forward to continuing to work closely with the local community in the future.


Top 5 kids winter coats

They say there is no such thing as cold weather, just bad clothing! This winter we have put together a list of smart styles to keep your small people warm this winter – just don’t forget to label their brand new coat to stop it getting lost at play time.


Ski Jacket

A good choice for active children who love being outdoors in any weather, kids will love the snowboarder vibe of these coats. Though quite pricey, the hi-tech features make a ski jacket a sound investment, and something you can keep safe for years. We love the Blizzard Ski Jacket from Muddy Puddles (£59.99), it is windproof and waterproof for harsh weather but also has a removable hood, perfect for when the sun comes out!



Down Insulated

These coats are super snug and you can be safe in the knowledge that your child will be as warm as possible! Definitely at the top end of the price bracket though, and  are a no-go for allergy sufferers (just like feather bedding). Usually these coats aren’t waterproof, but this down jacket from Patagonia at Snow and Rock, (£140 – £170)  is super light and waterproof – making it a staple item in your child’s winter wardrobe.

Down jacket

Fleece Jackets

Really versatile and great for layering, these coats can be used all year round. This Hooded Fleece top from Marks and Spencer’s (£14-16) would be perfect. Your kids will love being able to move about easily, and you’ll be happy that you can just chuck these in the weekly wash. You may find a little more warmth is needed in the middle of winter – but when there are plenty of decent budget options around, you could happily consider a fleece jacket in addition to another coat.

Plastic Mac

Light-weight and completely waterproof, they’re great for kids that hate being weighed down; keep one packed up small just in case you get caught in the rain. You can find them in loads of bright colours too – we really liked this alternative jacker from Baggers@Monsoon (£28). It comes in an exclusive flowery print – perfect for little princesses – and in a nifty bag, great for the sudden showers!

monsoon_61170980613714 monsoon_61170805244111

Duffle Coat

The original Paddington Bear coat, your kids will look adorable in this toggled classic. Simple and stylish, these coats have stood the test of time and are particularly hard wearing for a natural fibre choice (though many now come in poly blends for easy washing). Boden do a lovely range of coats, we thought the Funky Duffle (£60), which comes in a variety of colours, was a great all-rounder.

14GAUT_35110_PBL copy

If you and your child have decided on the perfect coat together, have fun designing a personalised name tag for it at My Nametags. The coloured iron-ons and stickers are waterproof, washable and durable – with a 10 year guarantee. My Nametags have extensively tested a range of materials to find an exclusive mix, unique to their brand – making them a go-to when you want to keep your family organised.


7 top tips for trick-or-treating at Halloween


Take plenty of pictures of your children’s outfits. They’ll be treasured memories when they’re older.

 Plan your route – no-one wants to be wandering around in the dark with tired children!!

 See and be seen! Give all the children something bright or with flashing lights, and remember to bring a torch.

 Check the goodies. Check your child’s treats and throw away anything that is unwrapped or could be a choking hazard.

Stock up on sweets in case any trick-or-treaters come knocking at your door. Avoid those with nuts or anything else the might trigger allergies.

 Wear comfortable shoes or trainers. Ones that match your witches outfit might seem like a good idea – but you might regret it later!

 Choose make up over a mask. Masks can sometimes be uncomfortable or make it difficult for a child to see properly.

My Nametags does the Mongol Rally

My Nametags does the Mongol Rally

Back in July, four students; Guy, Matt, Jonti, and Ed, set off for the Mongol Rally – a 10,000 mile drive from London, across Europe, to Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia – in ‘Coral’ their 16-year-old Nissan Micra.

“The trip was that of a lifetime, passing through some of the most un-touched parts of the world,” said Guy Khosla, one of the team, “…the driving conditions through Central Asia were certainly not particularly suitable for a Nissan Micra! Most of the driving was spent avoiding large potholes, rocks and mostly trying not to poke a large hole in the bottom of the car”.

“One of the most astounding things from the trip was how friendly and welcoming the locals were. We stayed the night with locals on at least 4 separate occasions, and were taken out to lunch and dinner by many more”.

boys on car

Yak to the Future at the Mongol Rally finishing line

My Nametags was approached by the team for sponsorship to help fund their mission and for the education charity EducAid Sierra Leone, and environmental charity Cool Earth.

with Lars

At the My Nametags office before setting off!

With their blog Yak to the Future the friends kept everyone updated on the various people they met, the meals they enjoyed, car troubles they encountered (including when it disappeared in Georgia!), and plenty of pictures of the scenery they passed. Makes for interesting reading!



Of course, with My Nametags as one of their sponsors, the team had everything they owned labelled, and Guy was a big fan; “the labels were amazing, they survived 10000 miles, weather conditions from close to freezing point, to 45 degree+ heat, 2 deserts, and also being flooded, after our car got stuck in a river in western Mongolia!”

My Nametags are Finalists in the Wandsworth Business Awards!!

We are delighted to announce that My Nametags has been selected as Finalists for two categories in the Wandsworth Business Awards 2014!!

My Nametags is through to the next stage for both the Best SME Business and Entrepreneur of the Year prizes.

We always try to do our best for the community we are based in, with school fundraising activities, and providing employment, so we are over the moon that this has been recognised by the judging panel.

We are up against a number of other business in South London for the top spot – so fingers crossed we will impress the judges!


Back to and starting school, nursery tips

Going back to school or nursery after the freedom of the holidays can be tough for children and parents but you can make family life easier by doing a few simple things. For those starting nursery, primary school or secondary school for the first time it can be a little bit daunting. Help your child make the move with ease.

Visit nursery/school

It can be enormously helpful if you’ve had time over the holidays to point out their nursery or school or visit it together (even just the outside) before the big day. Familiarizing your child with the place before they start there can really help.


It’s highly likely that your child will be starting nursery or school with other children living locally. Make an effort to chat to other parents at the school gate and perhaps arrange a play date or visit to the park after school as this will help your child build friendships. Do ask the teachers about your child’s friendship groups so that you can organise play dates at home.

Uniform and kit

It goes without saying that you need to label everything from school jumpers and trainers to sports bags, pencil cases and lunchboxes. Get your child to choose their own design and colours on our website so that they can easily find their stuff.

My Nametags uniform


Kids who get enough sleep are healthier, grow better, are more alert, focused and are able to process information more easily, says Helen Johnson, cranial osteopath and homeopath – Put some zing into your bedtime routine with new bath toys or bubble bath, some new stories, tapes or music to make going to sleep more enticing. Kids aged 3-5 years should get 11-13 hours of sleep while 5-12-year olds need between 10-11 hours. 


Mornings in our house (with four children) are fairly stressful, especially since I’m not a morning person! I know from experience that the more you can do the night before, the smoother your morning will be. My kids now lay out all their school kit in their bedrooms, including uniform, bags and reading books, the night before to avoid any last minute panics. Laying the breakfast table and making sure hair brushes and hair bands etc are at hand and shoes/trainers are ready to be put on can really help keep your morning on an even keel.


For those children starting nursery or school for the first time try keep emotions in check and keep smiling to show your child that it will be a positive experience. And don’t hang around too long as it will make the separation more emotional. For older children, make sure you have time to chat about their day as there will be ups and downs. Having a cup of tea or taking the dog for a walk together can really help your child off load any worries.

Rules of the pavement – win a back to school scooter set!

Image of two school children on scootersTwo mums, Philippa and Anna, began importing and distributing Swiss-made Micro Scooters in 2004 after spotting one in a London park and started up Ten years on there are over one million children scooting to school everyday.

Scooting to school transformed my school run with two primary school-aged children plus a toddler in a buggy (who quickly got a three-wheeled scooter too!). It was faster and fun – no more “I can’t walk any more” – good exercise and certainly greener than using the car. But I soon realised it was important to give my kids some ‘scooter pavement rules’ as they hurtled along busy London pavements.

Young children are often unaware of basic rules of the road so it’s really important you keep a close eye on them while you’re out and about, especially if they’re new to scooting.Image of children on micro scooters

Micro Scooters offer a free ‘Scoot Safe’ scheme for teachers and parents, full of tips and advice on how to teach children to scoot safely. “Teach your kids to keep away from the edge of the road, be mindful and courteous of pedestrians and not to scoot too fast, especially around corners,” says Ben Gibson of Micro Scooters.

And don’t forget to label your children’s scooters…our stickers work on anything from ballet shoes, football boots and karate kit to pencil cases and calculators!



1. Always, always wear a helmet. Image of scooter helmets

2. Don’t scoot too fast on pavements.

3. Always keep your child in sight and never let them get too far in front of you. Ask them to scoot back to you if they are much quicker than you, they can then scoot off again.

4. Be courteous to other pavement users.

5. Check driveways first – listen out for cars that might be reversing out of their driveway.

6. Always WALK across roads, don’t scoot.

7. Look out for changes in the pavement surface as this might cause you to go quicker or slower than you expect.Image of toddler on scooter

8. Keep away from scooting on the edge of the pavement; teach your kids to scoot on the inside away from the road.

9. Make sure children are visible in the darker evenings by wearing a reflective jacket or strip, and by attaching a light to the scooter.

10. Wheelie bins can make the pavement very narrow, so get off your scooter and walk past them.


Two lucky My Nametags newsletter readers will win a Micro scooter set worth up to £160/€200. The winners can choose between a Mini Micro or Maxi Micro scooter set which includes a;

- Mini or Maxi Micro scooter

- Micro helmet

- Micro bag

- Micro bottle holder.

The Mini Micro set is suitable for children aged 3-5 years and the Maxi Micro set is suitable for children aged 6-12 years.

All you have to do is get your child to draw a picture of themselves on a scooter!

Send a picture of the drawing to us via email (, Facebook or Twitter with few words on why your child would like a scooter. Please note, if you email us you will receive emails from Micro Scooter afterwards

We will announce the winner on Friday September 19.

Good luck!!Image of younger children on a micro sooter


p.s. you can download your own set of scooter rules to hang up in your home by clicking here!